What does this contract do?

The National Flood Insurance Program helps people protect their property and communities against flood loss. We provide FEMA with broad-based communications support to better inform property owners and renters, and help them make sound decisions.

What kind of work does HWC do on this project?

Our work focuses on the intersections of behavioral science, decision science, and communications. We provide a wide range of services for NFIP. Here’s some of what we do:

• Communications strategy and support
• Customer relationship and experience management
• Data analytics
• Stakeholder engagement support
• Web and mobile app development

What types of staff work on the contract?

This project includes people with backgrounds in diverse disciplines. They have degrees in fields such as business, engineering, organizational development, human geography, and communications research. Their subject-matter expertise includes behavioral science, customer experience, data analytics, risk perception, and floodplain management.