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Vision with action can change the world.

Wayne & Shari Willis envisioned building a management consulting firm that would change the world for good. In 2005, Wayne set out to do it.

Our journey continues today with a powerful set of core values and that same determined vision.

With our colleagues, we've built a collaborative learning culture that supports greater mastery, autonomy, and purpose for everyone at HWC. Our goal is a diverse, inclusive, and empowering organization where everybody leads.


Our focus on resilience includes a commitment to a light carbon footprint. We used “The Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard" to calculate GHG emissions. Our distributed workforce has zero Scope 1 direct emissions. We estimate our Scope 2 indirect emissions at 0.2 tons per year from energy production for company facilities. We estimate our Scope 3 emissions at 26.2 tons per year for energy used by our distributed workforce during business hours, commuting, and business travel. 

Together, we're building a more resilient world.

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