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Work. Life. Balance.

A collaborative learning culture

We emphasize connection and communication. Together, we create a collaborative learning culture and try to build professional and personal growth into our daily work. We share 5 core values that underpin our approach to our work, our clients, and each other. We're never going to be perfect, but we're always learning and we try to be a little better each day.

Our leadership philosophy

We believe leadership is about helping people and organizations realize their full potential. Leadership isn't about a job title or a role. We think it's about learning, not knowing. At HWC, everybody leads.

Mastery, autonomy & purpose

What drives people? We believe mastery, autonomy, and purpose are important to happiness at work.

Mastery is the drive to get better and better at something that matters. Autonomy is the drive to direct our own lives and work. And purpose is the drive to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. Our goal is to facilitate greater autonomy, mastery, and purpose for everyone at HWC. 

Money matters

So do benefits. We aim to provide compensation that is fair and transparent, and thoughtful benefits that support your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. We offer generous PTO, 11 paid holidays, and 6 weeks of paid new-parent leave to help you live a balanced and healthy life.

How we show up: 5 core values


the ability to adjust emotions, thoughts, and behavior to changing situations and conditions


the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and understand what they’re feeling


the ability and determination to persist in the face of barriers and disruption


the desire to continually ask questions, learn, and understand


an appreciation of the strengths and contributions of others + an openness to advice and feedback

Join us in building a more resilient world.

Check out our current opportunities in management, scientific, and technical consulting and start your journey with us!

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