FEMA’s Enterprise Analytics Division had an underutilized resource in its Analytics Hub. Since EAD’s mission includes providing high-impact decision support to help FEMA make data-driven decisions, the division needed an easy-to-use analytics hub that would help build a community around data.


HWC used human-centered design to build a solution that focused on the needs and behaviors of end users. We used agile processes to design a modern and intuitive user interface that serves experienced and novice users alike. The analytics hub includes a wealth of data sources, analytical reports, dashboards, and visualizations. It also includes tools to help users connect, including user reference guides, trainings and online courses, and a community message board.


The analytics hub has become the space for knowledge exchange across FEMA. For analysts, it’s a one-stop shop that connects analytics teams across the organization. For non-analysts and new employees, it provides an introduction to the analytics process and to FEMA’s complex data infrastructure. And for FEMA leadership, the hub provides data centralization, improved decision support, and research time-cost savings.