What does this contract do?

FEMA CBRNE, in the Office of Response and Recovery, helps improve readiness and response for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive events. We support these programs:

• Improvised Nuclear Device Response and Recovery Program
• Chemical/Biological Program
• Nuclear Incident Response Team Program
• Domestic Emergency Response Team Program
• Nuclear/Radiological Incident Prevention Program
• Interagency Modeling and Atmospheric Assessment Center Program.

What kind of work does HWC do on this project?

On this contract, our work falls into three broad categories: technical support, preparedness, and program management. This includes policy-based work, capability-based assessment and enhancement, training and exercises, and operational procedures and deployment. We also work on risk communication and stakeholder engagement tasks.

What types of staff work on the contract?

Our personnel include program management and communications staff, as well as subject-matter experts in preparedness and in specific CBRNE areas. They have degrees in fields ranging from physical science to communications to security studies.