What does this contract do?

The DHS BioWatch Program, housed in the Office of Health Affairs, monitors for bioterrorism events and helps communities prepare for and respond to them. We provide science and engineering technical assistance for BioWatch here in Washington, DC and in more than 30 jurisdictions around the country.

What kind of work does HWC do on this project?

BioWatch involves a wide variety of tasks across all four of our core capabilities: preparedness, organizational development, data & design, and science & engineering.

In the field, for example, we coordinate with a network of scientists, laboratory technicians, emergency managers, and public health officials across the country. We also oversee lab quality assurance and conduct training and exercises nationwide.

In Washington, DC we develop guidance and decision support tools, manage strategic planning and stakeholder communications, and provide program management and acquisition support.

What types of staff work on the contract?

On BioWatch, we employ everything from systems engineers to epidemiologists, and immunologists to industrial hygienists. Our staff have backgrounds in varying fields: biodefense, public health, national security & strategic studies, and many others.